MAC 8 1/2" Kitchen Shears (KS-85) - MAC Knife

These heavy-duty shears will make quick work out of hard shellfish shells, poultry bones, and fish bones.  One blade is micro-serrated for holding onto slippery surfaces while the other has a razor-polished edge that slices cleanly through tough shells and bones.  The drop-forged stainless steel blades are some of the strongest we could find.  They are held together by an adjustable nut with a quick-release joint so that you can maintain tight blade-to-blade contact and easily take them apart for cleaning.  Strong enough to cut through a penny, these shears were designed for heavy-duty kitchen tasks.  Slightly right-handed handle but we know some lefties who use them too.  This item is made in the USA.


UPC: 854911000594