Japanese Craftsmanship for Tomorrow's Kitchen

Entirely manufactured in Japan, MAC knives are precision tools, shaped, assembled, polished, and sharpened by professional Japanese craftsmen.  Each knife is equipped with a razor-sharp edge, comfortable handles, and great balance.  Popular with professional cooks and cooking enthusiasts throughout the world, and over 25 million knives sold since 1964.

The Straight-Cutting MAC Edge

The characteristic MAC edge is a hybrid between the traditional Japanese single beveled chisel edge (Kataba) and the Western V shaped edge (Ryoba), but slightly off-center, with an angle around 45.5 degrees.  This edge is extremely versatile with the ultimate combination of sharpness and control, allowing both thin slicing and straight cuts.

Superior Craftsmanship and Design

MAC stain-resistant knives are entirely produced by professional craftsmen in Seki City, renowned for superior sword manufacturing since the Middle Ages.  MAC blades are made from rust-resistant Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium High-Carbon cutlery steel, with Tungsten added to selected models for extra durability and sharpness.  Blades are hand-ground, and hand-sharpened on water-cooled stones to optimize the quality of the finished blade.  The thin razor-sharp blades are sharper and stay sharp longer than other leading knife brands.  The steel has optimal hardness between 57º and 61º Rockwell C and is still easy to re-sharpen.

Reputation and Experience

Our reputation as the World's finest knife is based on the experiences of MAC knife owners who use our knives every day.  They tell us that once they began using their MAC knives, they could never go back to their "old" knives--Henckels, Wusthofs, Messermeisters, Forschners, Sabatiers, Gerbers, Chicagos, Globals, Shuns, Cutcos, etc.