The MAC Knife, Inc. USA warranty covers any defects in the materials or workmanship of our products for 25 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is non-transferable and is valid only to the original purchaser. Warranty claims can be made by calling us at 1-888-MAC-KNIFE (1-888-622-5643) or by filling out our Warranty Form (Note: In order to use our online forms you must have a valid email address). One of our representatives will issue you a Return to Manufacturer Authorization number (RMA#) to return the product (if using our Warranty Form, a reply email will be sent to you with an RMA#). We will not be responsible for packages returned without an RMA#.

Please note:  Warranty claims for products purchased in Hawaii should be made with MAC Japan.  You can email them at info@mac-international.com


Please address your package to:

MAC Knife Inc.
Attn: RMA# (Insert your RMA# here)
9624 Kiefer Blvd Ste 1
Sacramento, CA 95827

When preparing your knife for return please be sure to include a note with your Name, Return Address, Phone Number and/or Email Address where you would like us to contact you, and your RMA#.

Be sure to protect the tip and edge of the knife so that it does not puncture the outer packaging during transport. The easiest way is to roll the knife in several layers of newspaper and securing it with tape or rubber bands. Do not put any tape directly on the knife itself; it leaves a sticky mess that is difficult to remove. MAC Knife, Inc. will not be responsible for items lost during transit or for any injury caused to carrier employees due to improper packaging of a product.


Returned knives will be inspected and tested to determine if the damage was caused by a defect in the product. Damage to a product caused by accident or improper use will not be covered under warranty. Certain foods are too hard to be cut with a knife and should be avoided such as: frozen items, bones, shellfish shells, hard squashes, hard cheeses, nut shells, blocks of chocolate, etc. Defective knives will be replaced, repaired, or refunded at our discretion. If we find that the product is not defective, we can try to repair it for you at a small fee (see Sharpening/Repair Services). Or, you may purchase a replacement directly from us at 50% off of the suggested retail price (plus shipping). One of our representatives will call or email you with our findings within 10 business days of receiving your items. If you are not contacted within 15 business days, please call 1-888-MAC-KNIFE (1-888-622-5643) to check on the status of your return.


We understand that accidents happen and have developed the following alternate option to help our loyal customers. If you accidentally break one of our products and know that the damage was not caused by a defect (i.e. you accidentally dropped your knife or tried to use the knife to cut through something too hard) we have created this replacement option for you.

You may opt to purchase a replacement product at 70% off of the suggested retail price (plus a shipping charge) without returning the product to us. This offer is only for knives that are damaged beyond repair. If we deem your knife repairable, we cannot offer this option to you and will ask that you return the knife to us for repair (Click here to see information about Repair/Sharpening Services). In order to purchase a replacement at this price we will need you to use our online Warranty Form. Here is what you will need: 1.) A digital camera and the ability to use your computer to upload a photo to our online Warranty Form. 2.) A valid email address for us to contact you. 3.) A Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card to submit your payment to us by phone.

First, take a digital photo of the damaged knife with a ruler or measuring tape along the length of the item (so that we can verify which model it is). If necessary, you may take a second photo showing the damage. Second, use our online Warranty Form to email us your contact information and the photo(s) of the damaged item (We apologize, our form does not currently allow multiple files.  After you submit your warranty claim form, one of our representatives will reply to you via email and you will be able to attach additional photos at that time). One of our representatives will review the photos and process your claim within 10 business days. You will receive an email once the claim has been approved with instructions to call us to submit your payment information by phone and to finalize your order.

This option is not available for the Japanese-style Special-Order SE, TO, IZ, HO, and MA series knives.