MAC Knife on Amazon, Ebay, or other third party online platforms:

MAC Knife offers our 25 year limited warranty on New Item purchases made through Authorized Sellers.  For unauthorized sellers, the warranty is invalid, and any issues must be raised directly with the seller or Amazon (or Ebay, etc.).  Listed below are known authorized and unauthorized sellers.  Please be advised that unauthorized sellers vary by day and can easily change their seller name, so if a name is not listed below, they may be an unauthorized seller.  In addition, any seller that is "Fulfilled by Amazon" or ships from Japan is considered unauthorized.

For Amazon Prime customers, many of our Authorized sellers offer Prime 2-day shipping, even if they are not Fulfilled by Amazon.


Authorized Amazon Sellers:

Cooking Depot

Cutlery and More

The House of Rice Store

MAC Knife


Urban Living

Whittle Workhorse

Yokohama Gifts



Known Unauthorized Amazon Sellers:

Amazon, LLC. (

Appliance Pros

Deals 5 Star

EZ Depot

FNZ Deals

The Prune Danish


Todays Deals


UH Deals


Zee Online Mart


Authorized Ebay Sellers: