Chef Series 5" Paring Knife with Dimples (TH-50)

Unlike traditional paring/petty knives, this unique 5" paring knife is designed with a raised handle to allow clearance for your knuckles while cutting on a board.  The blade is also slightly taller than a typical paring knife to accentuate the knuckle clearance.  Dimples on the sides of the blade reduce friction and suction, to allow the knife to glide through sticky and starchy foods more easily (such as apples and potatoes).  The knife is still small enough to use as a traditional paring knife (although the main design is for cutting board work with smaller items).  It has a gradual taper from heel to tip so that you can "rock" the blade smoothly on the cutting board.  It can be used for slicing most small fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Knife Specs:

Knife Length: 9.0"
Weight: 2.4 oz
Blade Length: 5.25"
Blade Height: 1.25"
Blade Thickness: 2.0 mm

UPC: 854911000907