MAC 8 1/2" White Ceramic Honing Rod, Black Handle (SR-85BK)

This 8½" honing rod has a medium 1200 grit surface that polishes your edge smooth.  Similar in function to a traditional European "steel" these rods are meant to "hone" or gently realign your edge.  Use it daily in commercial restaurant environments or once every few weeks in home environments to maintain a fine edge.  This does not replace sharpening which you should still do every couple of weeks (restaurant) or every couple of months (home).

Ceramic honing rods are a much harder material than a traditional steel and have a much finer grit which obtains faster and better results.

Advantages: Produces a fine edge.  Inexpensive.

Disadvantages: Fragile (it's ceramic so it will shatter if it hits a hard surface).  Only hones, does not sharpen.


UPC: 850047031235